ZXY Endeavors Technology

About ZXY Endeavors

Founded by James McCann, who also founded MicroTech and Sassy Lass Entertainment, ZXY Endeavors sought to disrupt the publishing industry by creating book implants--doing away with the cumbersome old tomes and replacing them with convenient chips that you can have implanted directly into your frontal cortex with volumes ranging from classics like John Homer's The Iliad and The 120 Days of Sodom to family-friendly titles like Making Time With Baby.

Their debut sent an earthquake through the publishing industry and sent their stock price into the stratosphere.

ZXY is currently engaged in a nasty legal battle with Collegiate Books and the author P. S. Darling over publishing rights to the Fruggle series of books.


  • Current Market Price: $ 13.04
  • IPO Price: $ 12.00
  • Shares Issued: 1,406,182
  • Market Capitalization: $ 18,341,534.92
  • Executive Officer: James McCann
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