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Let's face it: in a fast-paced, technological world, it's not enough to just get help with all of your technology-related matters. Savvy consumers want their tech help with a healthy dose of insufferable condescension. The incurably greasy tech folks at Snark Solutions are here to help. With social schedules as empty as a Monday-morning church, they're standing by 24/7 to answer all your questions, fix all of your technical bugs, and to remind you that you're an imbecile for not knowing the difference between a cgi.bin and an iterated loop.


  • Current Market Price: $ 0.12
  • IPO Price: $ 20.00
  • Shares Issued: 6,876,154
  • Market Capitalization: $ 801,071.94
  • Executive Officer: Bellerose Baudin
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