Errand Boy! Consumer Services

About Errand Boy!

Let's face it, today's high powered executive doesn't have time to pick up her dry cleaning, walk her leopard, or pick up those flowers for her husband. Enter Errand Boy!

Errand Boy! sends capable, presentable, and efficient young men between the ages of 19 and 21 to take care of all those chores that the busy executive lifestyle doesn't allow.

Need an anniversary present? Send an Errand Boy! Need a new pair of shoes, but hate standing in line? Send an Errand Boy! Need your kids picked up from day care? Send an Errand Boy!


  • Current Market Price: $ 2.62
  • IPO Price: $ 100.00
  • Shares Issued: 283,574,233
  • Market Capitalization: $ 744,297,289.36
  • Executive Officer:
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