General Gears Manufacturing

About General Gears

The backbone of the working class, General Gears is so old and such a stand-by that it's practically synonymous with the New English way of life. Founded by Reinhard Schachtelheisel in the wilds of the Black Forest in 1876, G.G. migrated its headquarters to the United States of New England during the Great Hops Famine of 1903 and has remained state-side ever since.

While you can't expect fireworks from such an old company so steadfast in its ways, what you can expect from G.G. is a true blue chip stock: stable, always trending slightly upward, and more stable than Aunt Millie's incessant meddlesome nagging at Thanksgiving.


  • Current Market Price: $ 25.47
  • IPO Price: $ 30.00
  • Shares Issued: 45,379,462
  • Market Capitalization: $ 1,155,973,725.26
  • Executive Officer: Victoria Schachtelheisel
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