Juan de Fuca Trust Company Financial

About Juan de Fuca Trust Company

The Juan de Fuca Trust emerged from the rubble of the 1980's savings and loan crisis as one of the few solvent thrifts in its region.

Star management and the consolidation of the financial industry has led JDF, as it is often called, to rule large sections of the financial markets of the United States of New England, Canada, the Sioux Nation, and Cascadia.

Investigated for improprieties in their dealings with the Empire of Australia, the JDF was barred from doing business in the Empire of Australia in 2011.


  • Current Market Price: $ 0.04
  • IPO Price: $ 10.25
  • Shares Issued: 23,857,203
  • Market Capitalization: $ 1,002,002.53
  • Executive Officer: Elise Haigh
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