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Caught early in the decline of the publishing industry as people moved from reading physical books to using book implants created by ZXY Endeavors, Collegiate was on its way down the drain.

Grasping at straws, and high on coke at their corporate retreat, the executives of Collegiate decided to publish a collection of books sent in by the unknown and mentally deranged author P. S. Darling on the mysterious Fruggles of Mount Yeon.

The series proved to be a hit beyond the coked-out executives wildest dreams. The first book of the series went quintuple platinum and stayed on the on the Well Street Times' list of Top 100 Books for 3 years. The follow-up books have been just as successful.


  • Current Market Price: $ 0.87
  • IPO Price: $ 75.00
  • Shares Issued: 4,537,956
  • Market Capitalization: $ 3,955,736.25
  • Executive Officer: Jordan McGovern
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